Friday, April 26, 2013

Self Portrait

Early this morning, my three year old brought me a black piece of construction paper with a drawing of what resembled some kind of demon or something (little body, big red ears/horns).

C: "I drew this for you Mama."
Me: "Oh that is awesome.  Who is this?"
C: "That is me."
Me: "Well you are getting really good at drawing, I can see your arms and legs and head, but you don't normally have big red horns do you?"
C: "Oh, no, those aren't horns.  Those are my ears.  But you cut them off so there is a lot of blood going everywhere."
Me: (trying not to show my horror) "Oh, that is interesting.  But you know I would never actually cut your ears, right?"
C: "Oh yeah." pause  "But if they got really big, wouldn't you cut them to make them normal?"
Me: "Um, no, cuz your ears are always perfect."
C: "Okay."

Then he walks off like he was totally cool with it either way. 

Why are boys so gruesome?

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