Thursday, April 4, 2013


These are all pictures the last few weeks before our trip.  I was a little surprised how many pictures I take of Matthew, I really need to be better about getting pictures of all the boys.  These kids are so cute and they grow up so fast, I've got to capture the looks before they outgrow them!
 Matthew learned how to climb up on chairs and so nothing is safe.  Caleb's sandwich that he left for a few minutes was no longer his...

 Josh doing his "work" on his laptop and letting Caleb watch.
 Matthew has also gotten super good at stacking cans.  Pretty cool if you ask me.
 Uncle Dallin's birthday!  I have pictures from my mom's birthday too but for some reason the camera was only making them SUPER blurry and you can't even tell what it is of.  So sad. 
 Matthew also loves to play t-ball.  See what I mean?  Tons of pictures of the little guy!

 This is Caleb's awesome face.  Seriously, I have to get a video up here of the way he talks right now.  Hilarious!!  He always has this face or his eyebrows pulled down and super grumpy saying stuff like "you ruining my life."  Notice the cell phone in his shirt pocket too.  Just love what kids think of.

 Crazy cute Logan.
 Poor little guy was pretty sick when I took this picture, so he doesn't look like his normal self.   But he is such a good, sweet little guy almost all the time.
 Baby Mozart
 Josh and Caleb created this cool "bridge" with leftover wood from the carport building.  I am still impressed with the design.
 Valentine's Day!

 Tyson left a tiny box of chocolate by my bed in the morning and then when he came home surprised me with this.  I just LOVE this guy!
 Such blue eyes!  It still mystifies me how two hazel eyed people got a chocolate brown eyed boy and two super blue eyed boys.  Makes me wonder what this next one will have.  Josh says he needs to have brown eyes so he won't be lonely anymore.  So he told me to eat lots of chocolate like I did when I was pregnant with him.  I don't know if that really works, but I'm willing to test the theory.  :)
 Graham cracker milk dipping with Daddy.  Tys is such an amazing dad.

 I know Logan isn't really my kid, but I sometimes feel like I have four boys already (at least in the morning).  It is so much fun, I know it will be crazy, but I'm excited to add one more boy to the crew.

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  1. I love all the pictures! I still can't believe that you are having a 4th child...and a 4th boy! The Lord must really think you are wonder woman if he's sending you 4 boys in a row...I believe you are at least :)