Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wow, there are a lot of pictures here...

I figured out a long time ago my kids are weird.  Since I am weird and Tyson has his odd moments I knew there really was no hope for my children to really be normal.  However, the way they pose in pictures shows just a smidgen of how crazy they are.  Love it.
 By the way, this picture Josh drew is of him, Caleb and baby turtle Matthew.

 Caleb fell asleep reading.
 Our friend, Ginny, reading to the boys.  Crazy eyes, don't know why.
 We had a fun breakfast with the young women, they are so sweet and fun.
 Our trip to San Diego.  These three boys were squished in the back of the car the whole time and they did pretty good all considering.

 Train ride at the San Diego Zoo.  Thanks Zach!
 Matthew and Grandpa.
 Family zoo canoe ride.

 Matthew bartending at the playground in the zoo.  That was really what it looked like.

 Sad that all the pics in San Diego, we didn't take any of the wedding or with Abby and her family.  But here are some once we got back.  Matthew LOVES the broom.  Seriously, it is crazy.
 The weekend after we went to Cali, we went to a lakehouse by Lake Anna with Tyson's office and all the families.  It was a lot of fun.  Yet again, I am super bad at taking pics and this is the only one: while we were getting ready for church and all three boys were crying, so Tyson took this shot.  So one of those moments were you really have to repeat over and over to yourself that going to church is worth it.  Because it is.
 Hanging out with Breleigh.
 Caleb's first day of preschool and his all about me poster.  Love his smiles.

 Josh took the broom from Matthew.  Like I said, Matthew has a little bit of an obsession with the broom.
 Dressing up Matthew.

 We went to Jack's birthday party and it was all about super heros.  Well, these are my boys in their super hero masks fighting bad guys or something.  So much fun.
 Celebrating Carmel's 15th Birthday.  I can't believe how old she is.
 Hanging out afterwards.

 For some reason the other day the boys decided to make a barricade so no one could get into the living room (?)  I still don't know why.  Yes, those are all the cans we own and all the shoes too.  I love their imaginations.  But I am pretty sure my house is a little worse for the wear because of those imaginations.


  1. Hehe I love the craziness!! I love Matthew's obsession with the broom and his adorable costume! Please tell me that is what he's dressing up as for Halloween?! Also, I really appreciate the picture of you and the boys Sunday morning. I think we all know that's how Sundays really roll...

  2. Can I just say how much I LOVE these boys?! They make me laugh and smile every time I see them. :) You have a great crew, Cami!

  3. Adorable!! I love these pictures! I'm in love with Matthew in his costume!! So stinkin' adorable! What cute kids you have!!

  4. Bahaha these made me laugh like a little girl. I love love Matthew in the chicken outfit, so funny. The broom too, priceless. The church picture is fantastic too. And I think we have the same running shoes.... Look at us twinners.