Monday, September 3, 2012

Glad he was sent to our family

I don't know what got Josh talking about this, but he started telling Tyson all about how happy he was to be in our family and how he was glad he was named Joshua.

"Daddy, if I was born in anyone else's family, I would HATE it.  I love my name Joshua.  And maybe they wouldn't have named me Joshua.  I wouldn't have liked that.  I would have hit them and run away.  Yup, I would.  So I'm glad I was not born in anyone else's family.  Except if I was born in Tommy's family.  And if they named me Joshua, that would have been okay.  But any other family and I would have been so mad."

Then there was later that day when we were trying to convince him to go brush his teeth to get ready for bed.
Tyson: "Josh, go brush your teeth."
Josh flips around and points his finger at Tyson: "Okay, but then can we talk about me staying up later?"

He was fully serious about negotiating changing his bedtime.  Hilarious this kid.  He sure says the best things.

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