Monday, September 3, 2012

San Diego Wedding

Somedays I feel I have a million things to say and then of course, never find the time to write.  And then days like today where I want to write and the kids by some miracle are leaving me alone and I have nothing to say.

But I guess I have pictures to post...

We were in California for a little while and that was awesome.  Cassie and Dallin got married, now they are living in our basement.  So far, it is just really nice to have people in the basement I feel comfortable with.  The basement is much cleaner than the upstairs.  :)  But California was great, we got to stay with Abby (my long lost practically sister) and her husband, Kevin, Abby's mom (who is like another mom to me), Susan, and Abby's kids: Ally and Josh (he is called Josh 1, my Josh is Josh 2).  It was so nice to see them, it did my heart good.  And to make the best of it, Cassie picked Kenni and Chris to be the wedding photographers (that is why all those pics are so great).  It was the first time I'd seen Kenni since she left here last May.  I have never been happier to see anyone that wasn't Tyson.  Sisters really shouldn't be apart.  I'm SO glad Carmel lives here.

So I hope it okay I am posting these pictures.  They really are so amazing.  I just wish I could have a lot longer to hang out with all these great people we spent time with, but it was nice to be back in our own house...just long enough to repack for the lakehouse, but I will have to download and post those pics later.  So hooray Cassie and Dallin and congrats on your marriage and new life together!!  We love you guys!


  1. Great pictures of all of you!!

  2. Great pictures Kenni! And I totally agree...sisters should NEVER be apart! It's torture.

  3. I never saw this post happen! Of course it's awesome you put the pictures up... I'm not gunna lie when I say I was terribly bias to you guys in my photos:) it was wonderful to see my lovely sis.