Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Year Old

 My sweet Matthew is now ONE year old!  How fast this year has gone by.  He is so precious to me.  He has the cutest dimples and even a dimpled chin.  His eyes are so blue and perfect.  His temper is insane and he is so demanding.  He just wants to race into everything.  He loves water, loves running, loves laughing, loves doing whatever his brothers are doing.  He came running into the world, not wanting to miss anything, and I have a feeling this is a long lasting character trait of his.  How I love my little boy.  Thank you for coming to our family!!
 (this is how I find him pretty much everytime he wakes up, with his little feet through the bars)
 blueberries for his birthday breakfast.  LOVE his crazy hair.
 Birthday cake.
 Caleb made the crazy eyed chick.  Haha
 Cassie and the boys made pretty much all the cupcakes.  So fun.  And the boys did a really good job, I was impressed.
 Oma gave Matthew these awesome balls that of course his brothers hog.  :)

Was a little shy opening presents.  I think he was afraid he would get in trouble.  Just LOVE this kid!


  1. I love the cake and cupcakes! So cute! It's so amazing how different each child is! He's absolutely adorable!

  2. bah! so sad imissed it! looks like so much fun, what an awesome cake. and an awesome kid. he's so adorable. i love his chubby little legs through the crib. happy birthday little man.

  3. Happy birthday, Matthew!!! I remember visiting you in the hospital after he as born. It does NOT feel like a year has gone boy!

  4. What an adorable cake! So cute! Matthew's lucky to have such a fun mommy :-) Happy Birthday, Matthew!

  5. Um, you made that cake?! I am so impressed! I love it!! And happy birthday Matthew :)

  6. What a cute boy!!! Happy Late Birthday Matthew!!! Also, love the cake! That's super, super cute! :)