Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prayers and Persuasion

Tyson and I love to read together and the most current book we are reading is "Inheritance," the last book in the Eragon series. It is a lot of fun to read it with Tyson because he can read really fast during the action parts and it makes it exciting. We don't get to read together a whole lot because Tyson is taking classes right now and the only time he can work on homework is after the kids are in bed. And since he is taking two classes right now, he does homework until really late. (Only a week and a half left until he is done, hooray!)

Well, so, the night before last we read a few chapters after he is done with his homework for the evening and I fall asleep listening to Tyson read. I remember very little of this, but Tyson says he woke me up so I would go to bed and I shot up and sped walked to the back, got under the covers then shot up, ran back to the dining room and unplugged the laptop (I remember thinking in my head it was going to start a fire and I thought I had saved us all, haha, who knows I guess). Then I dove back into bed. Tyson asked me to say the prayer and apparently I prayed for Eragon to be safe, I prayed that Matthew would be safe from Galbatorix and yes, I said I was SO thankful for Alegesia (I don't remember the correct spelling for that). Pretty funny huh? Tyson was dying laughing and I was so embarressed when he told me what I had said. Guess I like the book more than I realized. Hehe

So the next morning I wake up and I feel sicker than ever (I have had a cold, and lost my voice, nothing serious). I can't stop coughing and I needed to take Josh to preschool and go grocery shopping, something I didn't feel like doing in the rain, coughing up a storm and dragging the two little ones with me who for sure would start crying or throwing fits I was sure.

So I tried to convince Tyson, as I do every day, that I want him to stay home with me. He, like he always does, says "that would be nice wouldn't it?" And I think "um, yes, it would. Do you really need to work? Um, no, I don't think so. One day off won't hurt anyone." But I don't say anything, because that isn't nice. I am really thankful he does work so hard and he is dependable and doesn't let me be a wimp. So I do my best to quench my cranky thoughts and try to prepare myself to take care of three little kids and run my errands like I'm not sick.

So Tyson gets all ready for work, kisses me and the kids and walks out the door in the rain. I watch him walk away, allow myself 10 seconds of self pity, then put the kids in the bath and get their clothes ready. Suddenly in walks Tyson and he says "would you mind if I stayed home and took care of you this morning?" He is wearing this totally confident grin that he gets when he knows he has done something amazing and surprised me to boot. (I have a severe addiction to surprises, I LOVE them).

Yes, I hugged him super tight and cried because it was so nice to know I wouldn't be alone. And there is no one I would rather be with than him. It would have been even more perfect if we didn't need to go grocery shopping and take Josh to preschool because then he would have been with me the whole time. But it was SO nice to take a shower without worrying about the kids and to just sleep/relax with little Matthew. It is so weird to think that 4 years ago that was my life, just one little guy.

So here is my shout out to my husband for putting up with my craziness and letting me persuade him to take the morning off of work to take care of me. Hooray for my handsome hunk of a husband!

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  1. First of all, I hope you feel better. I have that same cold. It's nasty. Secondly, I'm so glad that you had a day home with your husband. I remember it being SO ROUGH with Jason working two jobs, and me alone with four special needs little ones. I don't know what I'd do without him home now.

    It's really cool that you two read together. I'm the winner in our house when it comes to falling asleep during prayers. That's why Jason always says the bedtime prayer between us. We've started reading at lunch time, just so I won't fall asleep, except we don't read books, just the Ensign together.

    You're great!