Thursday, December 1, 2011

Been Too Long

I didn't realize just how busy being a mother of three is. I need to make more time to write though, there is so much I will forget and already have. I love my three little boys, the are just so stinking hilarious.

I need to download pictures, but Josh just turned 4 on Tuesday. He had his first friend birthday party and it was awesome! I think we had 13 kids total (including my 3), which was crazy so luckily I had Cassie and Carmel here to help. They saved my life for sure. We played pin the beak on the penguin and a few other games with ice and goldfish. It was pretty fun. I can't believe Josh is 4 already, it makes me feel old. Most days I don't even feel like a mom, like I just have a permanent babysitting job or something.

Caleb has out of no where gotten really opinionated and very picky. He throws tantrums and such, but nothing too horrible. He threw one right when we walked into Walmart the other day and I was so scared (my first time with all 3 by myself on a "real" grocery trip). One of the workers, an older lady, distracted him and I wish I had gotten her name, she was such a lifesaver. But for the most part he is a pretty smiley little guy.

Matthew is REALLY smiley. He makes me so happy. He just stares at me and watches me clean or cook or read and just smiles whenever I look at him. He rarely smiled for the first two months of his life, so I just treasure each one like they are worth a million bucks. I can't believe how lucky I am to have my 3 boys. And Tyson, well, every second of every day I have no clue how I got lucky enough to have him. He gets more and more perfect every day, I don't know how that is possible.

Oh, so some good quotes from the boys lately:
"I am the king of the United States of America!"
"I'm in my room, thinking about my life. I want a new mom and dad."
(me: "Josh, thanks for putting Matthew's pacifier back in.") Josh: "oh I couldn't find it." Me: "Then why is he quiet?" Josh: "Oh, I put his blanket on his mouth and pushes it down so I couldn't hear him. I don't like the screaming." (scary huh? We had a talk about not covering Matthew's face anymore)
(when I find him in the cupboard) "Mom, close the door, I am a spider and I am going to jump out and eat Caleb."
"This picture is a song of a bird, and this one is the sound of the wind rushing by." (guess what song he learned in primary? :) )

"It's Christmas time! It's present time! It's singing time! Lala la!" (and he spins in a circle)
"It's my birthday too!" (all day on Josh's birthday, Caleb could not comprehend that it wasn't for him too.) :)


  1. Love it all, especially the quotes. My favorite is the one about the blanket. Adam has a similar style, just more aggressive. He doesn't like what one of the little ones does, so he pushes them away or moves them to wear he thinks they should be.

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. And yes, three kids is busy, but after that it all feels the same, until you hit number six. There is just something about number six. Every time we go from five to six kids the same thing happens.

  2. i about died with the spider in the cupboard . I wish I could see/hear it all in person. thanks for the update.