Monday, December 12, 2011

Josh's Birthday Bash

So I'm pretty sure I wrote a little about Josh's birthday parties earlier, but here are the pictures. His friend birthday party I think there was 14 kids all total. It was crazy, but a lot of fun. Thank you Carmel and Cassie!! Cassie did all the decorating and they both kept me sane. Little kids are SO much fun!

Pin the beak on the penguin.

The igloo tent was very popular.

Penguin cupcakes made with nilla wafers, gummi orange slices and sprinkles. :)

Josh's party with the family. Marshmallow igloos on top. They slightly resemble pom poms, but it was fun, hehe.

And of course, my little mountain man helping me with the cake. I look up and he has taken some liberties with the spoon I gave him to lick. Haha. I LOVE my little four year old guy!

Happy Birthday Josh! I'm so glad you have been with us now for so long, waking us up early every day, talking our ears off, making us laugh like crazy at your insane comments and being such a protective big brother. Not to mention an incredible helper and wanting to learn everything about everything. We learn so much from you! LOVE YOU! Love, Mama (and Daddy too)


  1. Looks like everyone had so much fun! I've got to hand it to you for entertaining so many little ones. Loved the theme!