Sunday, December 25, 2011


Caleb after we talked to him about Santa, at 4 in the morning, walking up and down the hall whispering to himself: "Santa Claw, peasants, Santa Claw"

Caleb, another day, early in the morning, running up to Tyson: "Daddy, it Kiss-miss time, it peasant time, it singing time, la la la!" Then spinning in a circle. :)

Josh on Christmas Eve: "I am going to be really quiet tonight and when I hear Santa say "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas," I am going to say "HOORAY!" "

Josh on Christmas: "This present is just what I wanted! I have wanted it for years and years, for fifty-nine YEARS!"

Talk about so cute. I love the magic of Christmas for little kids and it is so neat that my little boys are old enough that they are starting to really feel that magic.


  1. LOVE these quotes!!! they make me want children immediately. oh man, i love your cute boys. thank you for sharing these cute tidbits!