Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ups and Downs

So I was just kidding about adjusting to three being easier than two. Wow it is so not easy most of the time. Sometimes it is because Caleb and Josh tend to entertain each other and that is nice. But then there is one more person that wants my attention and I feel like I have no time to give it. Caleb always wants snuggles and when he does, I am almost always holding Matthew or feeding Matthew or Matthew just starts crying. It is a bummer to not be my little boys' everything like I used to be. I have to let other people hold my kids or let one of them cry just so I can take care of the other two. And goodness, the demands never end! As soon as I finish one thing and sit down waiting to relax, "Mama, can I have milk?" or "Mama, I pooped!" or Matthew starts crying or Caleb and Josh start fighting. It is kind of ridiculous. That doesn't even include all the moments where I need to run errands or the laundry needs to be switched or I need to do dishes because there are no clean bowls. How on earth my mom raised seven of us, I have no idea.

But it is so much fun too. They each make me laugh and make me so happy. Josh is so independent and happier lately too. He is always telling us stories and saying funny things. He calls Matthew his baby hippopatumus and in a high chipper voice too. :) Caleb is crankier, but more snuggly and always wants to be sung to and follows me around like a little puppy. He always wants to watch a "mo-vee" which is so hard to say no to. Matthew is getting huge really fast. Everyone thinks he is older than he is because he is so big. He almost fits in 3-6 months clothes and he is only 3 weeks old, kind of ridiculous. I think he is colicky or something like that because he cries an awful lot. I try everything I know how to do, but he still cries. Luckily we have had family here so much that it hasn't been too bad, I can let other people hold him so I don't stress out. I have no idea what I shall do when Tyson is back at work and Tyson's family is gone. I will probably make my mom hang out here until she hates it. :)

Caleb also fell down the stairs yesterday, that was horrible. I kind of tripped him too (I was taking the laundry down and didn't see him) which made me feel even worse. He has a massive goosebump on his head which is so sad. Yet another thing that makes me wonder if I am meant to have any more kids since I can't take care of the ones I have. :) Oh well, I better go, kids need me. :)


  1. Just want you to know...I think you're an AMAZING mother!! You're kiddos are lucky to have you! Love ya!

  2. I love everything about this post. You are a terrific mom Cami and it sounds like everything is exactly as it should be with three kids. Sometimes you just have to let them cry. You are doing a fantastic job. Miss you! :)

  3. Hang in there! It gets easier. It sounds like you're experiencing exactly what I did when Adam was born. Obviously Adam was quite the handful, so perhaps he qualified as two children in one, I don't know. All I can say is once you hit that 6 week mark and then the 6 month mark things get easier. And after three, one more doesn't matter at all.

    Remember too, accidents happen. You're a great Mommy! Let me know if I can be of help if you find out that the little guy's crankiness has anything to do with the digestive track and/or food!

  4. I accidentally kicked zuri down when I was getting out of the car after buckling in her car seat. I felt SO horrible. It was not a light kick either. I'm sorry Caleb fell down the stairs. That'd be so sad.. I hope you don't feel too bad about it though we got beat up a whole bunch and we turned out ok, right?

    Ypu're a rock star of a mom though spam. While mom was here she mentioned a couple of times how impressed she was with how much patients you have. I'm with her on that.

    Dot seemes to think the best time to be awake and have gas pains is from 10-2 or 3 am. Seriously, every night without fail. (hence this post at 2:12) and forget chris staying up..I think he's been the busiest he's ever been since she was born. I feel like a single parent much of the time. (I'm getting used to it so it's not terrible). How does that work? I meant to tie that somehow to Matthew crying a lot... maybe just so you don't feel alone in the world of newborn exhaustion?

    I'm glad Josh is cheery though and I hope for your sake Caleb will start crankin out more cheery, too. :)

    I still look up to you Spam. I get through two kids cause I know you did it. (The whoppin' two and a half weeks I've experienced:) ) I love you.