Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Little 2 Year Old

Not only is Matthew a month old now, but Caleb just turned 2! Man how time flies. Unlike Matthew, Caleb is very small for his age. He is finally about an average height, but still small in the weight catagory. His hair is blonde, almost white and his eyes have stayed the gorgeous silver blue they were when he was born. His teeth are a little crooked, so when he grins, it just makes him even cuter.

Caleb is hitting the typical "terrible 2" part of his life. It isn't always such a horrible thing, it is funny most of the time. Caleb is usually so kind, passive and easy going. Well that Caleb is no longer. His favorite word is "no" and that is all he says when he is cranky, waving his hands around like he is trying to stop a car. It is ridiculous, but cute. He pouts and hates getting out of the car when we get home from anywhere because he doesn't want to be home, he wants to go play. He screams when anyone tries to take his toys, he throws temper tantrums, it is annoying but funny. So I just tend to ignore him when he is acting out. But really I am sitting nearby trying not to let him see that I am laughing because Caleb's pouty face is really quite cute. And when he falls to the floor and kicks and hits things, it just looks so unreal because it is so unlike himself.

Tyson sent Caleb to his room this morning because he wouldn't stop whining and Tyson said "you can come out and join us when you are happy." So a few minutes later, the little guy came back into our room and said "Daddy, happy." And he was. So I know he still is his good little self in there, just dealing with more (or stronger) emotions now. His best self comes out around Matthew though, he loves him. He pats his tummy, gives him kisses, calls him "baby Maffew guy."

Josh and Caleb are best friends. Caleb loves to follow Josh around and do whatever he is doing. And Josh has quite the imaginary world these days, so, Caleb goes on rocket ship rides, builds houses out of brick for the three pigs, plays Batman, all kinds of fun things. He loves to tackle Josh, he wraps his arms around him and drags him to the ground and Josh thinks it is funny. I have yet to see Josh fight back, I'm not sure if he is afraid of Caleb or just doesn't want to hurt him. I think it is more of the latter.

One thing about Caleb lately that has melted Tyson and I, is his snuggly phases. At night when we put him in bed he will sometimes say "stay Mama (or Daddy), nuggle me." And he will pat his bed. He wraps his arms around my head and basically pins me to his pillow. He is just so cute it melts my heart, there really is no other way to say it. The Lord has blessed our little family with the three sweetest little critters. I am a lucky Mama.

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  1. It's so funny to me that he wouldn't always be the sweet little caleb. I bet his fits are hilarious, and I love how you explain him wanting to snuggle.