Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get ready...for a lot of pictures

So I am still getting all caught up from when Tyson's parents were here and the pictures are all jumbled, but for doing this one handed, it ain't too shabby. :) Just cuz he's cute. Now our trip to the zoo in reverse.

What little cutie pies I have for children.

Josh made a friend, I love this picture.The most adorable turtles.


It just looks like a Wrangler advertisement. :)

Daddy and giraffe

Boys, Grandpa Cooper and Llamas

Caleb loved the deer.

Again, AH!!

Caleb teasing a baby camel

He is going to be eaten alive!

Josh telling us what the hippos teeth were like.

This tiger was my favorite animal. He (or she, I'm not sure) was HUGE! Seriously, a paw was as big as my head. Beautiful, I'm pretty sure if I could pick an animal to be, a tiger like this is what I would be.

Ah, us and the tigers. :)

Gramps C and Caleb

Now at the park...

Caleb and Hannah, his face is priceless in the picture

He got stuck on the way down the slide, so funny.

Dominos with Grandma and Grandpa Cooper

Reading books with Grandpa Hardy (or Pop as they call him)

I LOVE having family around! A little of my family, a little of Tyson's, it is great.

The boys love Daddy time.

Here is a video of hide and seek with the boys, Tyson and my dad. It was so fun, my dad was able to fly out here for Matthew's baby blessing before he had to fly back. It was awesome to have him here and the boys loved it. Family is just great.

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