Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Weeks (and two days)

I meant to write about Matthew when he was a month old, but he is already 5 weeks old now. :) He is so big and cute, as of Monday 12 lb. 5 oz., 23 inches. Crazy stuff. The doctor said he would be big for his age even if he was two months old. Haha.

Matthew can be kind of cranky, but mostly because of his tummy hurting I think and I have so little time to just cuddle him. I think that is the hardest part of having three kids, it hard adjusting to all the cleaning, 2 extra loads of laundry (if not more), constant feeding, changing, burping, running errands, taking Josh to preschool, not to mention other responsibilities like my calling and chocolatiering. I just feel like there is so little time to just let my kids know I love them. That is something I seriously need to work on. Just letting some chores slide, and showing my kids I love them more.

Anyways, but when Matthew is happy, he is stinking adorable. He has such a cute kissable nose, and these fabulous dark blue eyes. His little chin has a dimple and his lip quivers when he is about to cry. It is so cute. I always get scared to have a newborn around when I am pregnant and then I have him and it is just so natural to take care of the little guy. Although, I don't really feel like Matthew is a newborn, I keep expecting him to roll over or play with toys and then I have to remember how old he really is. :)

I am glad I am still calling him Matthew, Matt just isn't his name at all to me. I vowed I wouldn't call Joshua "Josh," but that is all I call him unless he is in trouble. Caleb calls him "baby Matthew guy." It is really cute. Caleb and Josh both love him. When Matthew cries, Josh will run to him and say "I'm coming little guy! What you need? You okay?" Talk about precious. I love my third little guy.

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  1. It's weird to see babies that don't have giant cheeks such as mine. He's adorable