Friday, October 7, 2011

So we have a tradition

Tyson's parents and Hannah came to visit for about a week and a half and left Monday :( But we did have a lot of fun while they were here. Here is only one thing we did while they were here, so I have a lot more pictures to post.

Last year we went with the youth in our ward to a corn maze called Layman Family Farms. It was SO much fun we decided to go again this year and I really want to go again, not just next year, but again. Even if it is an hour drive away, it is totally worth it. It wasn't easy with a fussy newborn though...let me just tell you. The corn maze is a ton of fun. It is really fun with the kids. Caleb thought it was incredibly fun to hide in the sides where there were pockets in the corn. It was pretty cute.

Josh was our little leader. He was happy and tried to tell us which way we should go the whole time. He is so grown up and so much like his Daddy. :)

We went on a hayride and it stopped at a pumpkin patch so people could get a pumpkin of their own. Josh was so adorably proud of the pumpkin he picked out. Super cute.

Caleb tried to find the perfect sit on. Tyson said that he walked around and tested out several pumpkins. No really, he wasn't just tired, he really would size them up and test them and differnt spots on the pumpkin. Kids are so funny.

The hayride.

The massive jumping pillow.

Tyson's sister, Hannah, shooting corn from the corn cannon.

Daddy and Josh on the outground tunnel slide.

Spider web. Caleb hated it. :)

Josh in a tire, haha.

Horse swings made completely from a tire. Super nifty.

My personal favorite, the cow train. Cassie in Gertie...

Josh and Hannah in JellyBean...

and Caleb and Handsome in Maggie.

Not the sand box, but the corn kernal box.In every other picture he is just a blob under a blanket, but Matthew was there. My cute little "hippopatomus" as Josh calls him.

So that's all for now. You should totally check this place out if you ever get the chance. SO fun!


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  2. what a fun place! i want to go there with my future kiddos! i love all the pictures of josh and caleb...they are too cute. i love caleb crouching in the corn and trying out the different pumpkins to sit on! and josh in the tire! so fun. what a great tradition. love and miss you cami!

  3. that looks pretty awesome! Such good pictures of everyone. I was showing Zuri and once again, she just looked like she was trying to figure out why the boys are on the computer screen. I think she's a bit confused with how that works.

    This year we're going to go to a pumpkin patch, I'm so excited! I haven't been in many many years and I'm pretty sure Zur will love it. There was a corn pit at the county fair this year and it was so fun. Shoot, I wanted to play in it! I'm glad you guys had fun. Love you.

  4. Looks like lots of fun! I wish our pumpkin patch was that great!

  5. Coolest place ever. All we could think of when we saw Tyson's mom was...."I know a boy who used to love his mother, and answered the phone when she called...." and we had a good old memories laugh. Miss y'all. And Skye wants a corn cannon.