Monday, February 11, 2013


In church each week we give the youth a challenge for the week.  This last week was to teach someone about the Plan of Salvation (God's plan for us, that there is life before this life and after and we are here to prove ourselves to God).  So I remember a few hours before church and think, "Perfect, I can teach the boys!"

So here goes that conversation:

Me: "Josh, Caleb, did you guys know that we lived in heaven before we were born?"
Caleb looks at me with a confused/frustrated face like "what are you talking about now?"
Josh: "Yeah Mom, we lived in heaven, then we came here and got bodies, if we are good then when we die we will go back to heaven to live with Heavenly Father.  I know Mom okay?"
Caleb nodding his head like "Yup, Josh and I know everything."
They both quickly go back to playing destruction of the mountain with pretend cell phones (or at least that is what it looked like).

There is not much I can teach these kids.  They already know it all.  :)


  1. haha, I love this! And I can totally picture Caleb doing that :)