Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Us Crazies

I tried forever to take a picture of little Leo and how he and Josh look way more like each other than Josh and his actual brothers (at least the coloring of their hair and eyes).  This is as good as I could get.

Aunt Carmel built an amazing fort!

Love pancakes for dinner.  Pretty good heart huh?


Park adventures.

Anyone who says Tyson's job is boring, is so not right.  This is what he came back from lunch to one day:

So this is how he retaliated:

Papo came for Ammon's graduation and we LOVED having him here!  He was SO patient with the boys I couldn't even believe it.  Josh kept trying to walk them into poles, it was just so cute.  He even took us out for ice cream (yum!)


  1. I LOVE all these Papo pictures! He's so wonderful. I'm glad he got to hang out with your munchkins, how adorable are they?

  2. The phone prank is SO funny! I love how he retaliated too...especially the cool cat on the phone! Haha looks like fun!

    p.s. So really when Tyson says he has to "work" this is what he's referring too?! Huh. :)