Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm a Lady, That's Why!

I was teaching my sweet Mia Maids today.  They are so wonderful, and I have been thinking about them since I got home.  They all sit so sweetly through the lessons, smile and listen (at least they seem like they are).  And they are all growing up so fast, dressing so fashionably, but almost always modestly.  It is just so neat, when I first moved here, even when Tyson and I came into the ward 6 years ago, they were all so little, some of them just 8 years old.  They have gotten taller, thinner, changed hair styles, some even wear make up.  It is so crazy.  They are polite and soft spoken, take turns talking, we get giggly sometimes and most of them hug me after the lesson.

Then I come home and I am surrounded by my four favorite people...all boys.  They are rowdy and crazy and jumping on every piece of furniture we own.  They yell and scream, burp and make all kinds of inappropraite noises.  I love them and I fit right into their world. 

So I started thinking about it and wondered what a little girl would be like in our home.  I thought of the movie Aristocats and little Marie.  She is the sister kitten with her two rowdy brothers.  And through out the whole movie she tries so hard to mantain being a "lady."  It is so cute.  My siblings and I would always run around and pretend to be kittens and I would say "cuz I'm a lady, that's why!"  It was just so fun.  But I'm pretty sure having a girl would be a fight all the time to try to teach her to be polite admist the chaos around here.  Of course I try to teach my three boys to be polite, but it just seems that a little girl would have to be rough, but I would want her to be more delicate.

Anyways, I have just been picturing having a little girl a lot these days.  Probably some little creature up in Heaven, just dying to come and hang out with these crazy boys.  I must feel her presence or something.  :)  Or maybe I have just been thinking about how I need to be more of a lady these days.  That really couldn't hurt.  Haha

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