Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Graduating and Eagle Scouting!

 My little Ammon has graduated!!  I am really glad we were here to see it all.  When I left home Chanson was 11, Ammon was 8 and Carmel was 5.  They have changed a lot since then, obviously, people usually do.  :)  So it is really great getting to know them all again.  Ammon is a riot and I'm so glad Tyson and I got to be there on his big day!

 They have matching ties.  :)
 The Mills smile :)
 For his Eagle Scout project, he painted the SVU dugouts.  I didn't even do anything, but hang out with the kids and provide support, but it was SO hot, I don't know how these guys painted for so long!  Way to go!  And seeing Tyson working "blue collar" work, woah, I just LOVE it!  :)

 Look at that little leader.
 Such a patient Aunt, Carmel has been awesome the past few weeks!  Not to mention these cookies were super yummy.  Mom and Papo brought pizza, so really I pigged out and watched Carmel watch my kids and everyone paint.  Okay, I watched Matthew.  What a great day.  :)

 Finished dugout!  Then we topped the day off with an yummy cook-out that Ammon and friends invited us to.  Super good, and Matthew loved the watermelon!


  1. oh my gosh, your kids! It's kiling me that I'm not seeing them grow up in person! ammon and carmel are so grown's weirding me out. thanks for posting all these!

  2. I cannot believe that Ammon is already graduated?! I thought he was the same age as Joe...I guess he's a year older. Wow, so weird!

  3. I don't even recognize Carmel!! Geeze Louise!!