Friday, March 23, 2012


About 8 (it used to be more but the numbers are dwindling) other moms and I got together in August and started a preschool for our kids. I am SO thankful Nicole invited me to join them. Josh has learned so much and I love being a part of his education and getting to teach him every once in awhile.
Well, this month, Nicole and I have been teaching together. It has been no piece of cake, but wow, so much fun. I love kids and I have a special place in my heart for the extra crazy ones or the "trouble makers." Well, they all have given me a run for my money on several occasions. But then there are moments where I almost cry because the things they say and know and the way they act is incredible.
All the kids are ages 4 to 5, Josh is the youngest by several months. He is quiet by nature, okay, not at home, but everywhere else it seems. His church leaders feel like they have had a break through when he actually speaks and if he participates, whoa, a miracle has just happened. Well, he is a little more open at preschool, but not much. He usually plays by himself or with a few of the quieter girls, but only once have I seen him actually joining in with the other boys. It makes me wonder if I was like that or if Tyson was.
Wait, I remember chasing a kick ball around the play ground in 3rd grade because it seemed like better company than everyone else and I thought no one wanted me to hang out with them. That just reminded me of Kip (Kristen) when she moved in right before 4th grade. What a heaven sent blessing she was and is. We have been friends ever since. Maybe I should just pray for a friend like that for Josh.
Anyways, so this month while I have been teaching we have been talking a lot about nutrition and keeping our bodies healthy. So on Thursday we went to the dentist office a few blocks away from the preschool. They were really awesome and gave a great tour and free toothbrushes to the kids. But there was a moment where all the kids were standing against a wall and learning how to properly brush their teeth. I looked at all the kids and they were so adorable and good. They all looked so different, some tall, others short, and there was my little Josh right in the middle. He is almost a head shorter than most of the boys and one of the few with brown eyes.
My heart just caught at the sight of him with his large chocolate eyes staring at the dentist, with the corners of his mouth slightly tipped up in a smile. His face is so round and young and so perfect to me. Part of me kept thinking how little he looked, especially with kids that are (comparatively) so much older than him. Then another part of me couldn't believe my own little boy was 4. How quickly he has changed from the baby they held in front of me screaming, covered in all kinds of gross fluids (all I wanted to know was what color his hair was), into a long, skinny crawler that growled all the time. Then without even blinking he was walking, opening doors, covering me in every shoe he could find in the house while I napped, pouring Hershey syrup all over the carpet. He had curly hair and loved to glare at everyone. Then he was the protective big brother of "baby guy" and ate "pawcorn" and loved everything Elmo. Then we moved and he played out in the yard every chance he got. He was afraid of rain until he got rain boots and then I couldn't get him out of the rain. He was daddy's best helper and had (and still has) absolute confidence that Daddy can fix anything. He went to nursery, then sunbeams and learned to live without diapers and cook his own oatmeal (he learned that at home). He vowed to marry any girl that came near him and tries to be good all the time and teach others to say and do good things.
He is only four, how am I going to handle him really growing up?
I am so lucky to have him and Caleb and Matthew. And of course, Tyson. No, lucky isn't right, I am so blessed. Some days I just want to hug them close and capture the moment like a potion and bottle it up so I can open it and relive it whenever I want. How quickly things change.
How quickly a baby walks up the steps to preschool.


  1. Sounds like a fun venture. I think we covered similar stuff this month. Have you checked out our homeschool blog? I'd love to hear more about the things you do too!

  2. Spam, I just LOVE you! Did you know that my mom was praying I'd find a friend like you? Since I was so shy, she was worried about our move to Utah. But low and behold...I found you on my very first day of school! Prayers of a mother are very powerful!!!

    And I can't believe Josh is already 4. Seriously, where does the time go?