Sunday, March 18, 2012


What I have learned from living over a month without a vehicle:
-the world has NOT lost chivalry
-the Lord is always watching out for me. For example, it will snow on Monday, be really nice on Tuesday so I can walk to preschool, rain on Wednesday, be really nice on Thursday for preschool. Little things, but huge to me. And the cost of getting the car fixed has just gotten higher, but somehow the Lord adds a little bit here and there to what we have so we can pay for it (well, we haven't seen the bill yet, but we have faith)
-it is the quickest weight loss program I have ever been on
-everyone is so kind and generous, we have borrowed so many people's vehicles. Thanks Mom and Dad, Beck and Trent, and Nicole and Burke. Oh, and Kathryn. And thanks to everyone else that has ran errands for me. Seriously, everyone has been SO nice.
-I have way more friends than I thought I did
-sometimes, it is okay to ask for help
-I really like our van and can't wait to get it back, but I am really thankful for everything I have learned. And I am so thankful for every one's help and kindness during the our car-less state. :)

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  1. I think I need that weight loss plan! So glad things have worked out during such difficult times!