Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures, because well, you just can't get enough

So I haven't posted my mountainous amounts of photos in awhile and a certain Grandma I think is a little disappointed in me. :) So, here are some of the ones I have. We had a crazy snow storm, okay, not huge, but it snowed and snowed and then the next morning it melted all away. So we enjoyed it as much as we possibly could while it lasted. Pop (my dad) brought his topagen up to the school and we went sledding up there. Well, Josh and Tyson did, Caleb was NOT interested.
Such a beautiful building.Sleeping Matthew, in the freezing cold, poor kid.I love that Tyson makes me so happy!My dad is awesome.Carmel came and played in the snow with the boys the next morning. They love Aunt Carmel.Pop teaching Caleb how to properly eat food like a baby bird. :) Oma's birthday cake tastes better that way I guess. :)Dinner: cake Dessert: apple gotta love itMy little doll face, love this youngest boy of mine
Valentine's day, Tyson left little heart notes hidden all over the house with notes on them. It made the fun last for a few days because I couldn't find them for awhile, it was great! I made chocolate boxes with chocolate pudding and raspberries (well, chocolate covered almonds in Tyson's box). Yum!
They are SO cute!Animal hats

Daddy daughter dance. A lot of fun. Hooray for Cassandra for making that happen.
Matching church outfits thanks to Grandma Cooper. Such cutie pies!
reading with Grandma
the true reason for play dough, to bury your toys
Had to post this because of Caleb's faceTyson's latest creation, peanut clusters and SOOOOO good!
Pop and Oma came over with saddles and hats, such a fun ride for the boys.
I don't think Matthew liked it quite yet though. :)Tyson came home from his walk with this the other day, love that man.
Josh taking pictures. :)
St. Patty's Day, the leprechaun came to visit and put candy in their shoes. So fun.


  1. oh my goodness, these are all so cute! I can't stop giggling out loud. Chris thinks I'm crazy. I can't get over matthews ears! I just love them. Calebs cranky face is HILARIOUS, and Josh, man what a cute boy. I love all of these, you and Carmel look so pretty.

  2. Oh, this is grand. That sled sat in our garage for years--It's so fun to see it used! All the pictures with Pop are fantastic! The baby bird picture makes me laugh every time I look at it :) and the cowboy picture is too cute. So many gems here...Caleb's grumpy face, Matthew's adorableness...Love it all! These pictures make me excited to have a boy :)