Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Man in the World.

Okay, so these are just random pictures. I just wanted to say that I am so blessed! Tyson has been so good to me, especially lately. I have been gone a lot with chocolate parties and events. Tyson has been Mr. Mom a little more than I think he ever expected he would be, but he is awesome.

The other day I came home and Tyson had made big fat pancakes (Josh's favorite) and banana boats. What a cool dad! The day before Mother's Day, I was gone all morning, so Tyson took the boys to Walmart and got fingerpaints and paper to make cool cards for me and our moms. He also got a super long piece of wood so we can measure the boys every mother's day. Then they went and played by the river.

Mother's Day they spent about an hour cutting up fruit because I said I wanted fruit salad for breakfast. Then of course Tyson leaves notes like this for me all the time. Yes this is in the fridge. Seriously, how lucky am I? Big fat pancake dinner

The biggest pancake. :)

These are just funny pictures that Kenni (I'm pretty sure it was Kenni) took. She did Caleb's hair super cool. Super cute Zuri pic too.

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