Thursday, May 19, 2011


A few weeks ago when my mom was here, Bunk insisted that I get a Camelbak. I didn't really think it would help me drink more water, because well, nothing so far has helped me drink more except Tyson constantly hounding me. Well, surprisingly enough, I now drink around 72 ounces of water a day. It is so much more convenient to have one of these babies than to have to always go and get a glass of water and dirty yet another cup that I will end up washing. So this works great, it is always room temperature, so it is easy to drink. AND the straw makes me feel like I am not drinking a lot, but then suddenly, I have drank all 24 ounces! How stinking awesome is that? So, I decided this nifty invention deserved a blog post from yours truly. Thanks Kenni, Mom and Camelbak for saving my life. :)


  1. haha you crack me up. It took me years to convert you, but it's been done. I'm so proud. *sniff* my big sis is finally getting hydrated!

  2. I wish I could "like" Kenni's comment. haha, so funny! Hey I've heard about these camelbak water cool! :)