Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grandma, Grandpa and Papo come for a Visit

Okay, since I am on a role with this blogging catch up, here are pictures from the visit from my Mama and Dad and Papo! They came for Kenni and Chris's graduation. Hooray for the Vials!
Here are some cute pictures from the graduation, all the kids were really good. Josh played with Chris's mom's i-phone and Zuri and Caleb slept almost the whole time.

Bubble blowing with Oma/Grandma/pink Grandma (all of Josh's names for her)

Kenni looked cute...but the boys were kind of weird.

I was trying to get a picture with Mom and Dad and the boys, but Dad was getting distracted. Hehe, it is cute. The boys loved having them here! (as did I of course)

Papo and two of his great-grandkids. :)

Coldstone! Josh got green ice cream, only because he LOVES green. It was so much fun being with Papo.

We went to the zoo while we were here. I put this picture in because you can kind of see my belly. Kenni is only due like 5 days after me and she is tiny in comparison! :)

Just in case you thought I was normal.

The bird cages.

The boys loved being trapped in between the doors. Hah

Daddy and Caleb

The playground at the zoo is probably just as cool as everything else there.

The twins. Caleb and Zuri had the same colored shirt on. They are the same size, just chocolate and vanilla colored hair.

The goats and zebu.

The cougar

Josh and me watching the cougar.

As you can tell, most of our pictures were from the zoo.

For your enjoyment...especially the second one.


  1. Looks like a fun time. Love the teeth video. My father does the same thing with Owen. It's hilarious!

    You look great by the way!

  2. Clarification please...the boys loved being trapped between the doors...or YOU loved the boys being trapped between the doors? Haha and you and normal used in the same sentence...you almost had me!

    Looks like you had a blast with your family...oh how I miss them!

  3. so adorable!!! i miss all of you guys so much!! <3