Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Pics!

Easter was awesome! It was an entire weekend of celebrating. Friday afternoon we had the egg hunt at Tyson's office. It worked out quite perfectly that almost all of the boy's friends were there hunting eggs too. Then Saturday we had our own egg hunt to carry on the tradition of hunting eggs with the Davis's. Then Sunday the boys looked for their baskets and then we went to church and celebrated the real reason for Easter. Our wonderful Savior who died and lives again so that we have hope to live again as well. Here are the cutest boys in the world. Josh made sure we all wore green. :)

Right after they found their baskets! That was lots of fun.

Our Saturday egg hunt. This is Eleanore.

And Zuri. Turns out they are rivals. They are used to being the only girl. I don't think they liked sharing the spot. hehe

Josh, Tommy and Jack very nicely sharing their spoils. It was pretty cute.

The cutest three year old in the world.

I told him to give me an Easter smile. :)

Josh helped Caleb find eggs.

Here is the egg hunt at "Daddy's office." Lena blowing bubbles and Eleanore was LOVING it. Jack in the background, probably pointing at Josh, Tommy and Ethnie running around.

I feel bad I have no shots with Ethnie and Leo, but they were there too. Josh and Tommy were just into staying right in this spot by the Knight statue. :)

This is Caleb's happy "I have chocolate" dance. HeheLooking for eggs.

The starting line.

Finding the baskets. It took them not forever, but it was sure funny the way they found their baskets. Josh was looking out the window at a squirrel and found his behind the curtain (I missed it on video) and here is Caleb finding his. Happy Easter everyone!

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