Sunday, November 21, 2010

Washing my Puppy

Tonight Tyson was gone at a church meeting this evening and so I was in charge of putting the kids in bed by myself. I have gotten pretty wimpy about doing that alone. So I am giving them a bath (yes I am trying to do that more often, hehe), and Josh loves to dump water out of this plastic cup. He also has deflated this plastic whale, so it is now in the shape of a cup, and he drinks out if it. Pretty funny, but anyways, so Josh starts dumping water on Caleb. So I keep trying to tell him not to because that isn't nice. So Josh says,
"Me washing Caleb, Mama." and he proceeds to rub Caleb's back like I do when I wash them with soap. So I start laughing because it always makes me laugh how much he mimicks me. Then he says,
"You my puppy, Caleb? You like taking a bath, yeah?" And he keeps rubbing Caleb's back and pouring water on him. Caleb didn't mind at all. But funny thing is, we don't have a dog, and I don't think Josh has ever seen one get a bath. Where does he discover these things? Probably Blue's Clues or something. Who knows...

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