Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Being a Chocolatier

About a month ago I went to a chocolate party at my friend, Emilie's house. It was really fun and I was really hyper, I mean who doesn't love to be around chocolate? And this chocolate is the best I have ever had in my whole life. So when I left I took a little packet that had some information on being a "chocolatier" for Dove Chocolate Discoveries.

I wasn't really interested, I have had lots of oppurtunities to be a direct sellsman and never really cared for it. I mean honestly, I am not good at getting people to spend money. I would point out all the flaws, then feel bad for the person buying it that they were spending money, and then probably pay them to take it. That is almost what happened when we sold our car. :) That is why Tyson is usually in charge of that stuff.

Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I lay up for several hours that night picturing selling chocolate, being around it, having parties. Things that I would never do. Usually my crazy ideas like this go away in a few days when I realize how ridiculous I am being, but this one didn't. And of course Tyson has been super supportive and willing to spend all the money in the world to do whatever I want.

I ordered some sea salted caramels from them, which were AMAZING! It was awesome eating something so fancy and I only ate like one a day because I wanted to savour them, and for anyone who knows me, that is a miracle. So I researched about the company and what it would take to sell this stuff. It sounded like so much fun and I would watch videos about it and be flipping through the catalog for hours. Maybe it is just the chocolate, but then when I would pray to have Heavenly Father tell me to get me to stop thinking about it, I would feel really good about doing this. So I did.

I am now a "Hot Chocolatier" :) and I am really excited about it. I can't wait to start partying and making this yummy food for other people to try. Basically, people can host a party in their house, I will bring the food to try and everyone there can eat and enjoy. If I make some money along the way, that is awesome, but if not, oh well. I just hope it will be as fun as I am imagining.
So that is the latest in our home, it was a really big decision for me, hence the long post. :) If you want to see for yourself, here you go! http://www.dovechocolatediscoveries.com


  1. what a fun job! that is awesome. I don't really like chocolate but Josh sure does. I might have to get him some.

  2. thanks for sharing about this decision-making process and everything. i am excited for you! i wish i could go to one of your chocolate parties--i'm sure they are going to be a lot of fun! -courtney

  3. Okay, so this SO did NOT help my chocolate cravings tonight, especially when I went to the website.

    Couple of questions-
    1. Are there any allergy friendly products?

    2. Are all products processed on the same equipment or in the same plant?

    Obviously there would be no point in ordering anything unless it was safe for the house. Although it looks SO GOOD!

    Hope all works out financially for you!

  4. Yay for you! I can totally see you selling all of this stuff. :)