Monday, November 15, 2010

Land of Autumn-Fall

Caleb finally fits in the white shirt and vest we have, he looks like such a hunk. I really love the Fall in Virginia, the colors and the smell are just perfect. Lately, the afternoons have been so nice and warm. It is even better now that we have our own yard with awesome oak trees that are gorgeous in color.

But with trees, come leaves, that fall and need to be raked. That is fine, Tyson does most of the work, and Josh loves to help. Caleb doesn't so much though. But I love being outside together with my little clan.

Caleb has discovered suckers and as you can see, loves them. Josh likes to share his when he gets sick of them. :)

He is also old enough for time out now. It is so sad and so funny. He has grown up so fast.

Josh is still dealing with refusing to nap, which makes him fall asleep earlier, usually on the couch. So cute.
Here is Josh's "look like Daddy" outfit. I love it. I just want to hug him.

I love my family! I love the Fall!


  1. The picture of Tyson and Josh in their matching outfits is the cutest thing ever!! He is just a little man already!!

  2. I agree, the daddy son outfits are fantastic.

  3. SO adorable! I love those boys!