Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Photos and a funny video

Kenni and I discovered that if I kept going at the rate I am with children, this is what I would end up with: 7,5,3, and two 1 year olds. Well not really, I would probably just have a 9 year old to add to the mix. But we had all these kids over at our house yesterday and it was fun. I'm looking forward to the future...I think. :) I love Josh.
And of course Caleb.

And little Eleanore too. We have been unusually social lately, I think it has been really good for the boys, and for me. Eleanore is so cute, I hope she picks one of my boys. Hehe

I don't know what face this is, but it is great.

Tyson had extra receipt paper from calculators that they no longer use, so Josh and Caleb had great fun with unwinding them. Then Caleb was terrified of them, so Josh would chase him around with it, poor little Caleb. That is Jack in the background, just so you know. Like I'm saying, unusually social.

My Dad was so cute and sent presents for us. He got the boys these little finger puppets and they LOVE them. Josh is sporting the hat for Tyson/Chris and showing the finger puppets, so cute, thanks Dad!

Josh loves to sit just like Tyson, it is so funny. They are just like each other, except Josh has my emotional side. He cries all the time, Tyson doesn't do that.

And of course there is Uncle Chanson and his German vidoes that the kids love. Shnappi the crocodile is so cute, I don't blame them.

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