Monday, October 18, 2010

My little junior missionary

I love how to little kids, faith is such a simple thing. Maybe it is because there is no faith, they know. On Saturday we went to the LDS temple in DC. It was beautiful and our wonderful sister Cassie (and her friends Tori and Seth) watched the boys for us. It was so nice of them, and so wonderful to be in the temple with Tyson.

When Tyson and I met back up with the kids, Josh had a sticker on that said "Junior Missionary." It was so cute and he was and is so proud of that sticker. I asked him where he got it and he said,

"Tommy, my friend, and I sit, watch Jesus, he talk to us, then we got a ticker." I was pretty confused until Emilie, Tommy's mom, explained they sat and listened to a recording in front of the statue of Christ in the Visitor's Center. Then the missionaries gave Josh and Tommy these stickers.

I cannot help but be amazed by children, especially my own son. It is so mind boggling when I know there is so little I teach Josh, but he still knows more than I feel I do. That statue was a statue of Christ, and Josh knew that, he completely believed that Christ was talking to him. Maybe his little heart is still so pure, he does remember Christ and it is just a matter of recognizing pictures and statues of Him. I love that he knows Christ is real and loves him. My faith is ever stregthened through my little boys.

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