Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ode to Caleb

A few weeks ago, Caleb had his first birthday. We had the whole Virginia family over for cake: Aunt Cassie, Uncle Chanson, Aunt Bunky and Uncle "Rich", Cousin Zuri, and then of course Daddy, Mama, and Joshua. I doubt Caleb understood what was going on, but he loved eating cake and getting toys. Although Josh quickly confiscated the toys and still thouroughly believes they are his. Both Zuri and Caleb stuffed themselves with cake, Zuri looks a little like she is in a cake zone. :)

Oma and Pop Hardy sent Halloween cups and plates and cute Duplo toys that the boys love.

More cake...

The cake was supposed to be a puppy, but that didn't work out, hehe, so I just called it a cake monster and they liked that just fine. I just don't think I will do any profession cakeness anytime soon. :)
Mom and Dad Cooper sent a fun pop-up toy and little books. He still hasn't figured out how to pop them up, but Josh has and Caleb laughs and laughs whenever they pop up. Simple pleasures. :)

Tyson was awesome and took all the pictures, so sadly, I am in most of them and he is in none. :(
But he got this one of Cassie, Chanson and me, I think our faces are all pretty funny. But I am also slightly sleep deprived right now, so everything is a little weird in my head.

Probably telling Josh to leave Caleb alone. Hehe

And...Caleb is walking! (most of the time-ish)

So happy birthday little Caleb! You are still so cute and tiny and squeezable. I am so glad you are feeling better because we sure missed the happy Caleb. :) Hooray for being one and thanks for giving us this wonderful year!


  1. You are so pretty Cami! I'm so glad Tyson was finally behind the camera so I could see you :) Caleb is doing such a great job walking! I love his skinny little legs!

  2. so cute. I love the walking. He's so balanced! Thanks for the zur pics. the cake twins are hilarious.