Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bible Bashing

Okay, so I have never quite understood why my boys are the way they are. But this just goes to show they are a little looney. Yes, this is a Bible and yes, Caleb is laughing when he gets hit with it (don't worry it is really gentle, I made sure). We have a video of Josh when he was about the same age laughing as he got hit on the head with the same Bible. Either they think religion is funny, or they are just crazy heads. :) I love his giggles though!


  1. I totally remember you guys doing this to Josh. Haha...your boys ARE weird!

  2. SOOO Cute!! First off, I think it is so funny that Tyson ever thought to do this to the boys in the first place... second, it is just so great that they both got the giggles over it!! Caleb is just so adorable!