Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 Months

Dear little Caleb,

How are you so adorable? And how can I possibly stand it? You give the cutest smiles that just melt my heart, especially your Daddy's. I think that is because you love Daddy best. Yesterday you turned 4 months old. You are finally holding yourself up when you are on your belly, and you almost rolled over on accident the other day, I was so proud! You make the funniest noises! I'm pretty sure you and Josh are around purely to entertain me. You just coo, blow raspberries and giggle all the time. It is rare when you are not happy. You also, (like you did just now) take this insane breath in trying to make as much noise as possible, I have no idea why. You LOVE Josh. He has crawled into the crib with you twice now. I try so hard to be mad at him but he just loves you and you love him. You just smile when he tortures you. Like yesterday, he pushed you off the couch, you fell on the floor and I come running over so mad and so worried. You just laughed. I think you and Josh have serious thrill issues, and I blame your father entirely. :) You both look just like him, I think is another reason why I can't help but love all three of you. You are all just so gosh darn cute. I love you, thank you for coming into my life, even though I was terrified to have you. You are the cutest little "squirmy" as your Daddy calls you. We love you.

Love, Mama

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