Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Month of Photos

I feel like I am blogging all the time, but that is probably because I am writing things in my head all the time and rarely get the chance to actually post it. So I can't believe it has already been a month since the last pictures, weird.

Me and my boys, early in the morning, as you can tell by Caleb's face. :) Pretty blue eyes.
Tommy brought his toy castle and he and Josh had the time of their lives throwing things at each other in there. He he

Josh's favorite outfit, and yes, those are my earmuffs wrapped around his waist.

Caleb and his funky hat when he woke up. He has to wear hats to bed because he scratches his head otherwise.

Jack, Caleb's "twin." He sits up really good now and loves it, since now he can watch the boys better as they run around.

The boys helped me make brownies. They were so good I gave them each a spoon. Tommy ate it so politely, however, my son is much more like me.

When we say "smile" this is what Josh does:

Caleb and the monkey. He really does smile a lot, but he gets confused when he sees the camera and hears my voice, so it is rare when I can catch him smile.

Josh has this weird thing about the sun. It is "too bright" apparently. :) I stinking love this picture.

My handsome husband and chubby little Caleb.

Did it ever snow here. It was so pretty but I miss being able to go on walks. The trees are so pretty right after though.

Cassie came and played with Josh in the snow. I was so glad, Tys and I were both being lazy. Sorry this picture is blurry, but huzza for "Ca-ca!"

Watching Jack and Tommy is a lot of fun, some days are better than others, but it is getting easier. They for sure make me laugh a lot. I think if I could bottle their energy I could power a shuttle through space, I'm almost positive. :) So for down time when they won't take a nap, I turn to the "Little Einsteins". Obviously, it works wonders. I love that they both have the same pose.

Look how high his head is! I'm so proud of him.

Such a cute picture. Big brown eyes and little blue ones. I love my boys.

This morning Josh is looking out the window and keeps saying "a beer" over and over again. I keep telling him that we do not have a bear outside, then I look out the window. Thankfully, it wasn't a bear, but a cute furry deer! We watched him for a few minutes and now Josh runs from window to window calling for his new friend the deer.

So yeah, that is the past month here, at least what I took pictures of.


  1. Sooo cute! Thanks for taking pictures of my boys too :-)

  2. Cami, you have such adorable boys! I can't believe how big Caleb has gotten! How are you and Tyson doing these days. I really should call you so we can actually talk! Love ya!

  3. I remember always having deer in our backyard in Virginia. Your boys are so cute!