Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Thoughts on My Other Half

Ok, so now that my doctors appointments are every week and the drive there is almost an hour, I have had a lot of time to just think lately. I guess I am kind of grateful we don't have very good radio stations around here, otherwise I would have been blasting the tunes (it is the only time I have without Josh in the car, so I kind go crazy) rather than thinking.

I was thinking about how all my posts are about my two little boys, rather than the main boy/man of my life. So I wanted to blog a little about my Hunny Bunches, mostly because I am just so thankful for him. This is what he does everyday: he snuggles with me every morning far longer than he probably should after his alarm goes off (the first time) because he knows I hate being in bed without him. Then he gets Josh out of his room, gets all of us breakfast (usually cereal, but that is what we love), and then after that he gets himself ready for the day. We works all day, usually long days, and then when he gets home he often makes dinner while I stand there pretending to help as I tell him all about my day chasing Josh. Then he attacks Josh and they play, yelling, screaming and tackling each other until Josh starts fussing because he is so worn out. Then he helps me put Josh to bed, then we spend the evening together doing whatever I want.

At work he has just recently become a boss. He is in charge of an office of three people. They are all really good friends and so since this is a new shift, I was afraid it would be hard for him. But he is very kind to them, I think they understand that he is in charge, but that they can also give their opinion and he will listen. He is in charge and leads their staff meetings, which has been really neat to watch. I have never been there for one, but he prepares agendas for them, and has goals. It is just weird to see him be a real leader. He has wanted that from the first day I met him, probably from the day he was born, to be a leader, to be a boss. But I have never seen him in charge of anyone, besides me and Josh, but he makes me feel like I'm in charge, so I never have seen this side of him. I feel like a mom, I am just so proud of him.

Tyson has never been a guy that needs or usually even wants a guys night out. He doesn't go do "guy stuff" like playing basketball or going to the gym. Not that he can't or isn't good at it, he is pretty athletic and creams me by far. He just doesn't care about that stuff. He loves being at home with boring old me. I don't really know why, and I just can't figure out how I got so lucky. I remember my high school buddies and I used to dream up our perfect man and one time I sent a letter in the wind from the roof of my house that described the guy I wanted to marry. I know, totally weird, but I was quite the romantic weirdo. And from the first date I went on with Tyson, I was hooked, he fit everything I wanted and more. It wasn't just physically, it was this bizarre emotional connection that I had never felt with anyone else before. It was like being with another part of myself, I didn't have to think about what to say or how to act, it just happened, and he always makes me want to be better at the same time. I know this is all just a lot of rambling, but it just makes me so happy, he makes me so happy. He promised me he would make me laugh every day, and he has kept that promise. It is so hard to be sad or mad around him. And for my emotional pyscho-ness, that is pretty impressive.

We were just sitting there talking last night and he looked at me and told me I looked old. He didn't mean it in a rude way, he was just saying it was weird that we are getting old. We were still very much kids when we got married, and we kind of still are. But life, responsibility, those things age you (my gray hair can attest to that). It is really neat to watch Josh take his first step, to start talking now, to grow up. But it is also really neat to watch Tyson grow up too. He is a leader at work and at home, but he serves at both those places too, which I can see humbles him. I don't know how to explain it, but he is changing and it is neat to see.

Sorry, I have never been one to be concise, especially when it comes to a subject I love. Besides the Lord, I can't think of anything I love more than my Hunny Bunches. So thank you Tyson, for being my best friend, for putting up with my cranky days/weeks/past 9 months. Thank you for making so many meals and spending so much money on milk so I can have cereal twice a day (at least). Thank you for being such a good dad for Josh. Thank you for paying hard earned money for me to take a writing class so I can live my dreams. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for giving me something I love to write about. Thank you for being my muse, my love, my everything. I love you.

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