Monday, September 21, 2009


I still have two weeks until my due date, but for the past 3 days and nights I have been having contractions. None of them are really consistent but every so often and especially right before bed they get really hard. So I think "this is it" and I start freaking out and planning what I'm going to do with Josh, and thinking about everything I still need to do, and then about how tired I am. Then suddenly, I fall asleep and then I wake up in the middle of the night and the contractions are easy enough to sleep through. So it is really nice because hopefully this means my body is getting ready soon enough for the baby that a c-section won't be necessary, but still, it is exhausting, mostly emotionally. I am such a complainer. But I really have great neighbors and the best sister ever so I have so little to worry about.

Good news though, I have finished all the cleaning I wanted to get done today. Even the blinds! Huzza! I just need to keep thinking positive so I'm not an awful grouch for my cute little family.


  1. psh grouch. whatever. just throw your kid my way when the real thing happens. and congrats on getting all the cleaning done! woot woot

  2. Sounds like that baby is coming soon if all your cleaning is done! I had contractions like that with Adam before he was born. I had a scheduled c-section planned about 5 days before my due date, which I definitely didn't make.

    The thing that annoyed me and made me COMPLETELY MISERABLE was that I was dialating and fully effaced for over a week before they let me have the c-section early. Talk about being uncomfortable!

    Good luck with everything. The transition from one to two kids is quite... I don't know how to describe it. Can't wait to hear the great news!

  3. Wow that is scary. I had Braxtin Hicks Contractions a lot but I never even could tell I was having them.