Friday, September 11, 2009

My Crazy Kid

So we just went for a drive on the Parkway on Monday. We pulled over because I thought I was going to hurl from getting carsick. Josh and Tyson found some sticks and had a duel, after playing pinecone baseball of course. They are so funny together. Tommy and Josh watching Sesame Street right before they went to sleep. It was their first sleepover and they had SO much fun!
Josh's new church shirt, he looks like such a little stud. I am so glad Tyson insisted that his little boy needs to have a white button up for church, it just couldn't be cuter!

Kenni's boss, Cari, gave Josh a little jock outfit. He loved it until he realized that the pants are too big for him to walk in so he started freaking out. But they will fit when it starts getting colder, so we are good. :)

My friend, Sister Dryden and her little girls were cleaning out their toy room. The girls wanted to give their toys to Josh, which I thought was so sweet. So did Josh and he is loving them. Little people are the coolest!

So yeah, there are photos of my little dude. Hopefully I will be able to put up some videos, but who knows if it will work. :)

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