Monday, July 20, 2009

Raining Mondays and Over-tired Thoughts

It is pouring rain right now. I love this place. Josh is sleeping soundly, after his very late night out with his uncles, he is exhausted! I have been working on my writing assignment, I am doing a nonfiction article for this piece. I have decided to write about my dad. Well, it has NOT been easy. There is so much research that goes with it, and I am not going to publish it or anything, but just trying to write about memories, both good and bad have not been easy. Anyways, I am just kind of releasing random thoughts that are oozing from my over-tired, over-thought brain. :)

If you do want a good laugh, take a look at Kenni's blog: It contains some of our weekend adventures with the boys, all my boys. :) We were walking into church yesterday with Chanson and Ammon and I realized how surrounded I was by testosterone. Not only do I have my two brothers, my husband, my son, but my other son inside me. All I have to say is I am totally outnumbered. Thankfully, I have Kenni around, otherwise I think I would be lost in the midst of boyness. But oh how I love them all. I love having a little boy, and I am so excited to have another one. Kenni, I hope it is a girl, it will even out the numbers a little. :)
P.S.- I will post about our anniversary when I download the pictures.

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