Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Boy #2

So there is only three months left until the next baby comes. I am pretty nervous, excited, but nervous. This one is really active and really strong. Josh had his crazy moments rolling around in me, but this one is alive and CRAZY. It kicks so hard that my entire stomach looks like it is going to burst out through my belly button. :) It is really fun though and Josh loves to shake my belly and yell into it. I still don't think he has any idea there is a kid in there that is going to be annoying him for the rest of his life. :)

We have really been wondering about what to name him. We had a really hard time finding a name for Joshua, but at last we just figured Joshua was the only name that fit. So this one we kind of like Peter, but we still aren't sure. So one night we asked Josh what we should name his little brother. Without even a pause he said, "Geeb." Both Tyson and I busted up laughing and then asked him what his middle name should be. Again, no pause Josh said, "Abba." So apparently his name is "Geeb Abba." I have been trying to look those up in Hebrew and seeing if there is something that they mean so we could find a name that might fit with the meaning, but we shall see. For now, we call the little guy "Geeb," and it is kind of cute. :)


  1. Finding a boy name is so hard. Either they are really strange or they're too basic and everyone has babies with the name. We have been fortunate that Heavenly Father has given us much insite about what our children's names should be. We had the name Hyrum picked out for Adam until a trip to the temple. It's amazing how special these little spirits are to their Father in Heaven.

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  3. GEEB! I love it!
    thats awesome! :)

    Guib\, n. (Zo["o]l.)[gwib, geeb] A West African antelope (Tragelaphus scriptus), curiously marked with white stripes and spots on a reddish fawn ground, and hence called harnessed antelope; -- called also guiba.

  4. Hiya Cami--somehow I happened on your cute! I miss you guys and your cute little boy's little face!
    So....I vote for Geeb! I LOVE IT! Were you there when Lisa was pregnant with Jesse? Maya wanted to name him quesadilla! hehe!

  5. Maybe he's saying Gabe. :) Just a thought. You could name hime Gabriel and nickname him Gabe. It's a cute name. :) And Abba could be Adam. :)

  6. I miss seeing you guys! Congrats on another boy!