Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh Me of Little Faith

So sometimes I find myself wondering, "what more could go wrong?" But then I feel awful because I know so much goes right for me. We have been trying to find a house that we can afford to buy, or rent, or something. We just want a yard, a little place that is ours, where I can let me little boy(s) play. We have this house that we kind of call our dream house. It is just out of our price range, and we met with the owner on Tuesday. We wanted him to go down, a lot, on the price, either that or let us rent it or something. He said no. I feel like this keeps happening, housing gets more and more expensive, our apartment gets smaller (well, it feels that way), our family gets bigger, and I have stopped working completely, thus income is not increasing. Then we took our car in to get the yearly inspection, right after we paid the insurance and registered it for 2 years. It was rejected, for lots of reasons, expensive ones. Then there are other little things that I know are going to cost us money any minute. Like our laptop, we keep praying that it keeps working even with all its quirks. All three of us need to go to the dentist, but who can afford that? Not to mention this squirmy squirrel that is coming soon. Money, money, money. Where is it going to come from?

The worst part is that Tyson has always felt that he is suppose to be wealthy, that the Lord wants him to be that way so he can help others. And I try really hard to not blame myself, like I am somehow doing something or not doing something that is making it impossible for Tyson to be what he needs to be.

I know this is all silly, especially since the Lord has blessed us with so much. Our beloved Sammy (our car) has lasted us so long, against all odds and protected us from so much. All three (four) of us are healthy and strong despite the lack of nutrition in our diet. :) Our apartment does fit us, for now, and it is a nice cool place to shelter me and my growing belly from the heat and humidity. Tyson has a great job that he is learning so much from, and he did just get a raise AND a promotion, so I really should not be complaining. I just worry too much. Oh me of little faith.

But who can worry too long with a little curly haired boy running into walls because he is wearing a basket on his head? He may look just like Tyson, but he is for sure as weird as me. :)


  1. Yes if only money grew on trees. It seems like there is NEVER enough. We've had our car for so long I can't believe it still runs. It needs so much work as well. You are so great Cami. Everything will be fine for us and our little boys to come.

  2. Hang in there! I'm not saying things will get better in the near future but I KNOW that Heavenly Father provides the things we NEED. In that way everything will be okay. Jason and I have been through and are still going through SO many financial difficulties. It seems to be the story of our lives. BUT, as I said before, the Lord provides. There's absolutely NOTHING left over and at one point the church was paying for our mortgage, utility bills, and food, but we were okay. I can't tell you how much I have learnd about the Law of Consecration while enduring those hard times. You're doing great Cami! Hang in there!

  3. I'm sorry things are tough for you guys right now.I know Heavenly Father will help-hang in there! We love you guys!!!

  4. I like to think that our money lacking times are just helping us become extremely grateful for the money loaded times of the future (because um, of course we'll all be rich, hehe). I always feel better when I see/hear about people who have a sweet income, but who have a horrible family life because they fight about what TO buy. and/or don't appreciate the worldly stuff they have just cause they don't remember what it's like to not worry about 'i'm not sure what to make for dinner cause we have no food or money for food' instead they're thinking 'how many shoes should i buy today?' (which, hey wouldn't be so bad i guess:)) but still, there is less to stress about in my eyes. you and tys will be good, you guys are awesome. at least you don't live in cali where everything is just a joke with cost:) loves!

    ps. yes i like to feed off rich peoples faults to make mine look better:) i'm THAT type of person. hehe

  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel. ;) Enough said. We are 2 stangely similar individuals with 2 strangely similar situations. We just got to stick together. :)