Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Marissa! (Late, sorry)

So sorry, I have been in another world for so long, I kind of forgot about everything but being home with Tyson and trying to finish up my next writing assignment on time. So Marissa, I hope it was a great day and you did something utterly fantastic that lets you never forget it. So, one of my favorite memories of you is:

Well, one time, me and I think Kirsten, Heather and Kristen (maybe not all three, but some of them) went to your house and you opened the door with a towel around your hair and you were freaking out. You said something to the affect of, "Okay, so I was trying to dye my hair, but it went awful (something about the dye being auburn, but totally not working or maybe it was blonde, I don't know). My hair is orange, not even kidding, orange." So we all laughed, you took us to the bathroom and took off the towel and I about died, because your hair truly was flaming orange. I will never forget that face with your eyebrows raised and your lips pursed and you just furius and your hair a very Timpview patriot color. Just so you know, even if you hadn't redyed your hair that night, I still think you are so pretty you could have pulled it off no problem. :)

Thanks for being so much fun!

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  1. how could we forget my flaming orange hair? oh yikes.

    i'm glad i got to see you and cute little joshua while you were in town!