Monday, June 2, 2008

Tagged by 3's

Thanks Riss, I love tags, it makes me so happy.

01. Reading with Tyson
02. Making Josh giggle
03. Learning new things

01. pain
02. forgetting people or things that are special to people, or missing out on those things (hence the much money spent on plane tickets this summer)
03. being forgotten

01. write a book
02. get out of my house at least once a day
03. get Tyson a really good Father's Day present (any ideas?)

current obsessions:
01. The Office, the one thing I promised myself I'd never watch
02. Tyson, but he is always an obsession, lately it is trying to bother him, that is pretty fun
03. Avoiding writing for my class, why? I'm not quite sure

random, surprising facts:
01. I clean when I'm mad, if you see my house you will know that I have been happy lately :)
02. I took French for an entire year and don't remember a thing
03. I am pretty good friends with Tyson's old girlfriend and Mike (my old boyfriend)'s wife. Maybe that isn't suprising to others, but I'm suprised at myself.

01. Kirsten Sue
02. Amber
03. Bunk


  1. you're friends with Laken?? She's really cute.

    I'm ashamed that you promised you'd never watch the greatest show ever invented....

    And, you can rule out Fear #3. I could never forget you if I tried, Spam.

    So happy you get to see your family. Have a wonderful time girl.

  2. oh spam bam. i agree with heath on fear 3. that's just rediculous, please get that out of your mind right away :)

    i'm so proud we finally got you to watch the office. wahahaha

    you're family is awesome

    and i love you

    i miss you, it seems like it's been forever since we've seen you.

    hope you're having fun!