Saturday, June 14, 2008

P.S.- Tyson I love you

So last night Tyson and I watched the movie "PS I Love You." I don't think I have cried that hard in years. And since Tyson promised me not to tell, Tyson didn't cry at all. :) It felt really good to know that someone loves me so much, that it breaks his heart at just the thought of me leaving. After the movie was over we just held each other for a long time. It feels so good to love someone so much. I can't wait for every morning waking up to his face, or the sound of him singing in the shower, or him kissing me goodbye as he goes off to work. And I call him right at 5 just because I can't bear to be away from him one more minute than I have to. Sometimes I think that I drive him crazy because he never really gets alone time, but I know that he loves me and he wouldn't have it any other way. This morning I have been remembering all the fun times we have had. How he asked me out for our first date while he was on the phone with his mom. How he suprised me at the airport when I got back from spring break and two days later we got engaged. How we used to play spitting games into the sink to see who had the best aim. Going through the temple for the first time with him there smiling at me, watching me and loving that I was there. Getting sealed to him and knowing we would never really be apart for very long. Deciding to have a baby and getting pregnant a month after. Watching him be a daddy, and blessing our baby. Our marshmallow gun wars and water fights. Tyson is just so much fun and I only feel whole when he is around. I cannot imagine how hallow and empty I would feel without him, but as we talked about it last night, how that is each other's greatest fear, I realized that because of the Lord, we don't really have to be scared at all. I mean, if Tyson died, sure it would be the worst thing ever, and I have no idea how Josh and I would survive, but the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but the Lord never leaves us. He always loves us and He would only do what was best for us. And I know that as long as I keep my covenants, then I would see Tyson again, and we are married forever. The Lord has been so good to me, I am so blessed. I am really glad for that movie, it made me stop all my worrying about everything we don't have and be thankful for the wonderful things that I do have. And Tyson, I love you.


  1. That was so beautiful. I felt the same way after watching that movie. You should read the book. It's also a good cry.

  2. Oh I love that movie, I bought it the day it came out. It's so nice to hear you talk about your perspective on life and love Cam. It makes me miss talking to you, but I'm so glad you blog about it.