Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wonder vs. Wheat Bread (week 3)

We found out this on Friday:

Crazy.  We were planning on having another one and I stopped taking birth control several months ago, so we knew it was going to happen soon.  But even when you are planning for something, you still are never really ready for it.  Especially when you conveniently forget about all the pain and stress it will cause you until it is too late to go back.  But I am totally thankful.  I know each one of our babies are incredible and so worth every second of worry and exhaustion (although sometimes I have to go outside and count to 100 to remember that).  And the Lord always bless us with what we need to care for them, so I know we will be fine.  We just have to work harder and pull together as a family.

I haven't felt super sick or anything until today and I just can't shake the nauseous feeling.  There are so many women that puke so much that they are hospitalized for weeks and have so many struggles.  But for me, I puke once and I don't know how to handle it.  Of course when I threw up today Andrew was right there next to me trying to stick his head in the puke line of fire and started laughing like crazy like it was so funny.  So I am trying to hold him back with one arm and my hair back with the other one.  Good times.  :)  But I just remind myself that I have it SO easy compared to other people, and I need to just keep busy so I don't think about it.  Problem is, being a stay at home mom, I am super busy, but my brain isn't super worked, so when I am cleaning or cooking or folding laundry or wiping bums, my mind can wander and mope about how horrible I am feeling.  Anyone have any good suggestions to get my thoughts off my own feelings?  That would be GREAT.

So despite the sick feelings, I have still been making good steps on actually making dinner for my family for one, and I am still trying to do it in a healthy way and not spending a ton.  Not sure how well I am doing on the not spending a ton, but pretty sure I am not doing great since the aura in the house was full of a tad bit of tension Monday night after we plugged our receipt total into Tyson's amazing excel spreadsheet and we updated the budget.  Yup, pretty sure I am failing on that one.  But after wanting to cry and scream and give up, it motivates me to keep trying harder and get it right.  I want to be a blessing to my family, not just spend everything and more than what we earn. 

So you know how I started planning different themes for the evening meals?  Well, everyone is really liking it.  I have diverged a few times, mostly because we have so many leftovers (awesome problem to have right?).  My favorite dinner was Italian soup and homemade bread.  Both of which were really easy, and I have only made bread a few times and I don't have a bread maker.

The recipes are here for the soup at and here for the bread at  Super happy about both, plus they are both awesome and cheap with tons of leftovers.  Crockpot stuffed peppers worked really great too and were REALLY cheap, so here is the recipe I used for that at

Hooray Pinterest!!

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