Monday, September 15, 2014

Just call me Personal Hygiene

Tyson has a lot of nick names for me, "sweetie," "hunny bunches," "pretty woman," "pumpkinbabers," "woman," and a few not so appropriate to be shared.  But the kids are really used to Tyson calling me all kinds of things.  And sometimes they think he is talking about me, when he isn't.  Such was the case the other day...

Tyson is an angel and takes Joshua to the bus stop every morning.  Sometimes they go alone, and other times both Caleb and Matthew love to join the little journey down the hill and back.  The other day, Caleb decided to trail along.  On the way back Tyson was thinking about he needed to get inside and take a shower really quick and get to work, so he said out loud, "I need to get inside and take care of my personal hygiene."

Caleb responded: "I know what that means."
Tyson: "Oh really, what is personal hygiene?"
Caleb (with a super proud smirk on his face): "You are talking about Mama."

So folks, I am also called personal hygiene.  Not sure what to think about that one.  But, I guess if it means I get more time with Tyson, I will take it.  :)

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