Thursday, July 24, 2014

The King Has a Request

On Monday nights we have a lesson with the boys to teach them about scripture stories and gospel principles.  It doesn't always go well, and sometimes the kids get a liiiitle crazy, but almost always it is adorable.

This past Monday, we decided to act out the scripture story of Ammon and King Lamoni.  (this is in the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon).  So here are the parts:

Ammon: Joshua
King Lamoni: Matthew
King's guard: Caleb
King's servant: Caleb
Wicked Lamanite: Caleb
Sheep: Andrew
Narrator: Mama
Director: Daddy

It is so precious seeing the scriptures come to life with our little ones.  They understand what we read as a family more and then we talk afterwards about the lessons taught about obedience, sacrifice, service, etc.  Plus, as we act them out, I try to have them quote as much as we can from the actual scriptures as we can handle, so they get a more accurate view of the story.  But sometimes, I just abbreviate and have them repeat kind of the gist of the conversation.  And so this was what happened on Monday.

Ammon (AKA Josh) is brought before the king (AKA Matthew).
King: (repeating kind of what I am saying) "What you doin here?"
Ammon: "I came to serve you and live among your people."
King: "Wow.  Marry one my daughters?"
Ammon: "No thanks.  I want to serve you.  What can I do for you?  Anything you want?"

At this point I am about to tell Matthew to say, "go watch my sheep," but Matthew answers super fast:

King: "Breakfast."

We all completely broke character (not like we didn't ever 5 seconds anyways) and just laughed and laughed.  Guess being a king makes Matthew hungry.  Who knows, maybe that request crossed King Lamoni's mind too.  :)

Minus the sheep escaping the scene when they weren't supposed to and crying at the narrator when he was supposed to be fleeing, the rest of the acting was relatively uneventful.  I love having my boys.  They make life, and the past for that matter, so much more entertaining.

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