Monday, July 21, 2014

Cooper Quotables

One of my friends has a little boy named Canon who says awesome things.  Often, when he says something funny, they will post it on Facebook with the title "Canon Quotables."  That got me thinking, I should have a little title when I post funny things my boys say.  So I am totally stealing their idea and going with "Cooper Quotables," cuz it just sounds cooler than anything else I could think of.

Today mass amounts of cars (mostly minivans) were pulling in and out of the modular homes across the street.  This happens every Monday and Saturday when kids are getting dropped off for EFY and when they are getting picked up.  Otherwise, all summer long it is pretty dead here. 

Josh (moaning): "Ugh!  These EFY kids are so annoying!  There are so many of them!"
Caleb: "Josh, it is good there are so many EFY kids.  It means they get to come and learn about Jesus."
Josh: "Well, it confuses Matthew, because he thinks they are coming to our house and then no one comes.  It is frustrating that no one comes here."
Matthew: "Uh huh.  Me think 'hmmm who dese cars?  Dey come me house?'  Den, de no come.  Uh huh, la."  (In case you are wondering "la" is just a word in Matthew's vocabulary that means "yes."  We are pretty sure that is what it means anyways).
Josh looks at Caleb pointing at Matthew with a look that says "see?  Totally proved my point."

Can you tell Tyson and I have similar conversations?  It is amazing how much little guys pick up on.  Can you guess which opinion I have and which one Tyson has?  :)

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  1. AHAHAHA! I AM LAUGHING SO HARD! this is the best conversation and point of view on EFY I have heard yet! love it. thanks for sharing!