Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Think in Facebook Status's

You can tell you live in the social media world when as you are going about your day, you think in status updates.  For example:

"I'm so bored!!  Why is it that I have so much I need to clean and things I probably should be cooking, and all I want to do is go out on a date or cook something really fattening?"

"Waiting for the bus to come."

"Want to take a nap, but I know I wouldn't wake up and I would miss the bus."

"What did people do for entertainment and ideas before pinterest?"

"I'm hungry."

"So proud of myself for not eating a slice of that freaking delicious cake in the fridge today.  (Better than the two large ones I consumed yesterday)."

"I wish a box of fun things would come in the mail for me.  I wonder if I should start ordering things for myself instead of just wishing they would appear."

"Good book suggestions?  Time to go to the library again."

Yes, this is how I think.  I feel so productive in the mornings, but then the afternoon rolls around and I don't want to be productive anymore.  Well, I do, but I don't at the same time.  Hmmmm...

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