Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They Make Me Laugh

Because what they say is so funny:

Logan: (coughing) When I cough that means I have a cold in my body.
Caleb: No it doesn't Logan.
Logan: Yes, it does.
Caleb: No, Logan, you can't have a cold in your body.
Logan: Cami, when I cough does it mean I have a cold in my body?
Me: Um, kind of.
Logan: Did you hear that Caleb?  Your mom said I was right.
Caleb: (muttering) No, she didn't.

It is quite comical that they have all these debates, because they get along so well, and then these questions come up and they both have such firm opinions.

Here is another funny from the day:

me: (looking at the calendar) Caleb, did you know your birthday is 9 days away?
Caleb: (gets big eyes and looks excited) Did you know that some like it in a pot nine days old?

I almost spit the water out I had just gulped.  I mean, I understand that 9 days would remind him of the nine days old, but still, how random.  I didn't even know he knew that little rhyme. 

Like my mom always says, what do people do for entertainment when they don't have kids?

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  1. Ahahahaaa I looooove the second little story. Oh that is hilarious. I'm sad I have only seen your boys a handful of times but boy do I still love them! Missing them and you!